Artist/ Band: The Rick Ray Band
Title: Nothing To Lose
Label: Neurosis Records
Year of Release: 2007
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The Review:

This is the first material that I've ever heard from this band. Sounds to me like generally late 60s-early 70s style moderate-Hard rock for the most part. Excellent guitar and Bass work and some seriously good Saxophone tweedling as well. Some of the bands they remind me of in no particular order, Traffic, Sugarloaf, Steppenwolf, The Tubes, Blodwyn Pig, Atomic Rooster, Faith No More & Nelson Riddle and his Orchestra?

Here's some of my thoughts regarding the individual tunes:

  • TRACK 1. "There's Always a catch". Excellent opener. Guaranteed to put some lead in your pencil. The Bass line reminds me of the "Batman" theme from the old 1960s T.V. show.

  • TRACK 2. "Back to the river". Good driving tune. For those long commutes to work Etc. When coffee alone just won't do it. Nice cover.

  • TRACK 3. "The Whole Ball of Wax". Play VERY LOUD and drive your "Camp Mates" insane with this one at two O-clock in the morning. Very much fun. Nice Sax work.

  • TRACK 4. "Blue print for Ruin". Sounds like "Steppenwolf", "Faith No More" and "Traffic" got together for a jam session. Or something like that. More cool Sax work.

  • TRACK 5. "Living in Sin".Difficult to describe. Kind of laid back and mellow compared to the rest of the album. I like it.

  • TRACK 6. "Substitute for Faith". Another fairly mellow tune with a nice Coda.

  • TRACK 7. "Standing in Harms Way". Very "Traffic" like. Lot's-O-Sax and some serious Extra Blues thrown in for good measure.

  • TRACK 8. "The Spirit of Fear". GET UP AND DANCE, DAMN IT! WEEEEEEE!

  • TRACK 9. "Hands of Circumstance". Hmm. Almost sounds like early "YES".

  • TRACK 10. "If we're Silent". Sounds to me like a medley/Reprise of the various themes of the album up to this point. kind of.

  • TRACK 11. "Nothing to lose". Sort of late in the game for the title cut but this WILL make your spouse storm into the room shouting: "God Damn It, Will you PLEASE turn that down!" Oh yes indeed it will. Other than that, It's cool. It also blends many elements from the rest of the album kind of like Track 10 does.

  • TRACK 12. "Across the Bridge of Time". Very Nice instrumental closer.

Overall recording quality is Very good. I recommend a neutral setting on your EQ toys until you've listened to this a few times, then Adjust to your sonic taste as necessary. Mr. Ray does VERY Nice Guitar work. If you're into this style of music, This band is NOT to be missed. BELIEVE IT!

Reviewed by Greg Smith on October 2nd, 2007


1. There's Always a Catch
2. Back to the River
3. The Whole Ball of Wax
4. Blue Print For Ruin
5. Living in Sin
6. Substitute for Faith
7. Standing in Harms Way
8. The Spirit of Fear
9. Hands of Circumstance
10. If We're Silent
11. Nothing to Lose
12. Across the Bridge of Time

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