Artist/ Band: The Rick Ray Band
Title: Canít Lie Hard Enough
Label: Neurosis Records
Year of Release: 2011
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The Review:

The first influence I hear on this CD is Robin Trower. The songs are a bare bones blues rock with the old 70's classic rock sound. I canít say I hear any progressive music influences or even a tad of that sound, but guess if you like James Gang (Joe Walsh), Cactus, Bloodrock, Deep Purple, Ten Years After, Blood Sweat and Tears, Van Halen, and that ilk of the 70's blues rock bands, then youíll love this. I have not heard but a few songs from a couple of The Rick Ray Bandís other massive 32 albums, but only scarcely can I say I grasped more than the same impression as I did with this release. I found out the band has opened for many classic rock acts like Robin Trower, Frank Marino (Mahogany Rush), Kansas, Blue Oyster Cult, Average White Band, Black Oak Arkansas, Rush and an almost endless list of other 70's greats as well as jazz fusion prog master Allan Holdsworth.

I donít intend to be cruel here, but this type recording just does not belong in ProgNaut, nor any other progressive music magazine, as I feel it is strongly in the retro classic rock genre. They label themselves as a psychedelic, progressive, hard rock, fusion ensemble but I just canít hear all that included. If I had heard all 32 recordings, perhaps I would be able to link those styles but I was asked to review this release (Canít Lie Hard Enough) and it is clearly dead center in the classic rock mode. Itís not to take anything away but just to report what I hear. Actually Rick Ray is from that era and certainly has some fantastic guitar chops to show. I would suggest that if you like any of the bands I have compared this to, you would certainly like ďCanít Lie Hard EnoughĒ and to be fair, the band kicks butt with itís songs. Every musicians on the disc cooks. The horns and guitars are especially tight and ripe with energy. Itís sure enough a powerhouse classic rock styled band with plenty to give. Many fans have raved about the high quality of the band and there is little doubt that they could not have pulled off 32 recordings if they didnít have the talent to back it. I think I can enjoy the CD as it is. When I am in the mood for some good driving nicely done classic rock in the blues vein.

Reviewed by Lee Henderson on May 4th, 2011


01. Can't Lie Hard Enough
02. I'm A Vagrant
03. Gotta Be
04. I'm Nobody
05. View From A Train
06. All I Want Is Peace
07. Dragon's Breath
08. Propaganda
09. Spinning Round and Round
10. What He Deserves
11. Wonderful
12. Blasphemy
13. Judge and Jury

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