Artist/ Band: The Rick Ray Band
Title: Into The Hands Of Sinners
Label: Neurosis Records
Year of Release: 2003
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The Review:

This time around Rick has a full band backing him which frees him up to concentrate on his guitar playing. He also adds some extra vocalist to to give a slightly different approach to his style of psychedelic/ hard rock driven prog.

This is his 26th cd release since 1999, that alone should be a reason to be in Guiness Books of Records I think. This is my second cd of his to review, the first being Guitarsonist. Into the Hands of Sinners is another great body of work to be made by Rick. He's a very unsung guitarist and hopefully one day soon that will change. The production of this cd is minimal but that shouldn't deter the listener from enjoying Rick's brand of guitar driven prog.

Bravo Rick and thanks again!

reviewd by Ron Fuchs on June 10th, 2003


01. Breakout [7:19]
02. Feel Like I'm Gone [8:17]
03. You're Not Alone [5:21]
04. From One Side To The Other [5:27]
05. Loriann [5:20]
06. Only Human [5:20]
07. The Clock Is Ticking [5:10]
08. Into The Hands of Sinners [7:36]
09. Invisible Man [3:35]
10. Supreme Court Jester [5:47]
11. The Road To Freedom [5:55]
12. Lunatic Love [4:03]

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