Artist/ Band: The Rick Ray Band
Title: Out Of The Mist Of Obscurity
Label: Neurosis Records
Year of Release: 2003
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Rick Ray seems to be a very busy recording artist with over 25 releases since the late 1990's. Perhaps a runner for a page in the Guiness Book of World Records perhaps. For uninniated, Rick’s music borders somewhere between Progressive & ard rock mixed with some psychedelia to add some spice to it.

Well The Rick Ray Band, is back once again with another energetic collection of guitar heavy songs, just like his previous releases. Each time getting better with his craft. The latest release is called Out of the Mist of Obscurity. This time, Rick lets vocalist Phil Noche handle the bulk of the lead vocal. This is a good choice, to allow Rick to concentrate more on his guitar playing.

There are 11 songs of which offer a nice balance of different styles blended just the right the length which works just fine. Another very solid album from the hardest working underground rock band today.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on December 17th, 2003


01. Why Did I Know
02. Death of the Swineherd
03. Ripples in the Pond
04. Out of the Mist of Obscurity
05. Trying Too Hard
06. Reflection
07. The Eye of God
08. Demons And Men
09. Waiting
10. Under A Spell
11. A Willing Servant

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