Artist: Rick Ray
Title: The Guitarsonist
Label/ Date: Neurosis Records 2002


1. The Guitarsonist [7:08]
2. Pyscho Sam [5:56]
3. Kill Max Kill [5:15]
4. Dance Floor King [3:15]
5. Mr. Cooper [6:02]
6. Caution Flammable [3:36]
7. Domestic Terrorism [6:19]
8. Dance of The Particular [2:03]
9. The Weasel Bite [3:09]
10. We All Fall Down [2:57]
11. Of Your Own Design [3:23]
12. Guitaren't You Surprised [2:52]
13. The Battlefield [4:13]
14. The Climb From Sheol [2:28]
15. Out in the Street [5:36]
16. I'm Sorry [3:41]

The Review:

Multi-instrumentalist Rick Ray, according to his website, has put out several cds over the years. I wasn't unaware of Rick until he sent me his latest cd entitled "The Guitarsonist", which is an eclectic mix of various styles of rock and roll ranging from guitar-driven instrumentals to some humorist & fun sounding psychedelic.

The cd some wonderful instrumentals including the title track, The Guitarsonist, a smoking 7 minute guitar-driven instrumental showing not only is Rick a great guitar player but he can back himself up instrumentally. His vocal tracks sometimes remind me of early 70's Alice Copper, especially on a semi-psychedelic tune called "Psycho Sam" plus it features guest musician, Rick Schultz on various clarinets.

Reviewd by Ron Fuchs on July 21st, 2002

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