Artist/ Band: Lana Lane
Title: Return To Japan
Label: Think Tank Media
Year of Release: 2004
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The Review:

Think Tank Media artist, Lana Lane has been a very busy lady lately with a duo of live archival releases both on the cd & dvd format. I reviewed the DVD and the setlist is pretty much the same, a career spanning live renditions of some of her greatest songs. On the CD thereís some acoustic versions of several of her songs. Basically Lana on vocals and Erik Norlander on keys. Now donít go away thinking itís a lounge act... theyíre so not a lounge act. The songs are more intimate this way, not saying the full band isnít good but itís nice to hear the songs stripped down to a basic piano/ vocal combo.

My personal favorites of the acoustic versions are; Symphony of Angels, another cover, this time Aerosmithís Dream On. Lana and Erik do justice to this classic song. Also I enjoy Autumn Leaves, Avalon and the Marillion song, Seasons End. I personally enjoy her version more than Marillionís (ducks flying objects).

On the second disc thereís a full band version of King Crimsonís In the Court of the Crimson King and Rainbowís Long Live Rock ní Roll. Both of the versions pay tribute and homage to the originals while adding the special Queen of Symphonic Rock touch to it.

Again this is a recommended release for Lana fans BUT I think both Return To Japan and Storybook: Tales From Europe and Japan are to be purchased together to get the whole Lana Lane live experience!

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on June 29th, 2004


DISC ONE - Lana Lane Band

Introductory Medley
(Club Citta 2002)
1. Dark Water Part III [1:59]
2. Fanfare for the Dragon Isle [0:43]
3. Garden of the Moon [1:18]
4. In the Hall of the Ocean Queen [0:40]
5. Escher's Staircase [6:09] (Club Citta 2002)
6. The Beast Within You [5:41] (Club Citta 2002)
7. Rainbow's End [7:06] (Club Quattro 1999)
8. Queen of the Ocean [7:54] (Club Citta 2002)
9. Project Shangri La [5:37] (Club Citta 2002)
10. Evolution Revolution [8:29] (Club Quattro 1999)
11. Frankenstein Unbound [6:16] (Club Citta 2002)
12. Athena's Shadow [4:55] (Club Quattro 1999)
13. Night Falls [7:42] (Club Quattro 1999)
14. Astrology Prelude [3:31] (Club Citta 2002)
15. Redemption Part II [1:12] (Club Citta 2002)
16. Secrets of Astrology [5:43] (Club Citta 2002)

DISC TWO - Acoustic Live and Special Events

1. Take a Breath [4:25] (Acoustic Live 1998)
2. Stardust [4:56] (Acoustic Live 1998)
3. Symphony of Angels [5:20] (Acoustic Live 1998)
4. Dream On [4:02] (Acoustic Live 1998)
5. Alexandria [5:15] (Special Event 2002)
6. Autumn Leaves [4:03] (Special Event 2002)
7. Let Heaven In [6:51] (Special Event 2002)
8. Dreamcurrents [0:29] (Special Promotional Performance 1998)
9. Avalon [4:22] (Special Promotional Performance 1998)
10. Seasons End [4:50] (Club Quattro 1999)

remastered bonus tracks (full band) :

11. In the Court of the Crimson King [9:09] (Club Quattro 1999)
12. Long Live Rock 'n' Roll [4:53] (Club Quattro 1999)

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