Artist/ Band: Lana Lane
Title: Lady Macbeth
Label: Think Tank Media/ Avalon
Year of Release: 2005
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The Review:

Lana Lane returns again with her eighth studio album entitled Lady Macbeth. As the title suggests, this is a concept album based on Lane's interpretation of Shakespeare's "Macbeth,” This time the story is told from the perspective of the famously sinister Lady Macbeth, one of literature's darkest female figures.

The usual suspects are aboard such as husband/producer Erik Norlander, Don Schiff, Mark McCrite, Neil Citron, Peer Verschuren and Kelly Keeling. Joining the ever growing rooster of talent is Pain of Salvation's Kristoffer Gildenlöw on bass.

Much of Lady Macbeth is melodic hard rock, bordering power/ prog metal at times with some beautiful ballads to keep listeners like myself very happy. There’s a nice mix of styles to keep all of her fan’s happy. There are two songs that are the darkest and heaviest songs Lana has ever recorded “Keeper of the Flame” and “Summon the Devil” that appeal to metal fans as well as fans of her Secrets of Astrology album 5 years ago. My favorites are the least heavy, Someone To Believe and We Had The World. Those two keep getting the most play out of the rest of the album.

Thankfully there’s enough diversity to each Lana Lane release. This is so that her fans will have a wide range of music within the symphonic rock genre that Lana has so dominated in recent times. This is another one of my favorite release of 2005 and a must have for fans of hard symphonic rock with amazing beautiful female vocals!

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on June 30th, 2005


01. The Dream That Never Ends
02. Someone To Believe
03. Our Time Now
04. Summon The Devil
05. No Tomorrow
06. Shine On Golden Sun
07. The Vision
08. Keeper of the Flame
09. We Had The World
10. Dunsinane Walls

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