Artist/ Band: Lana Lane
Title: Covers Collection
Label: Think Tank Media
Year of Release: 2003
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The Review:

Another wonderful chapter in Lana Lane's "Collection" series. This time an excellent collection of cover from various hard rock and progressive songs that have been submitted for Lana to record.

Some selections are recognizable such as "The Wall" by Kansas, "Hold Your Head Up" by Argent, "Kashmir" by Led Zeppelin, "Don't Try So Hard" by Queen, "Still Loving You" by The Scorpions and "Stargazer" by Rainbow. All of which pay great tribute to the original versions while adding the "famous" Lana Lane/ Erik Norlander signature sound.

As usual there are great guest musicians on the CD. Each brought in to provide the best sound and instrumentation possible.

Lana tackles the vocal with the greatest of ease as her tribute to such great music. Erik along with his keyboards provides the guitars and bass.

The wonderful thing is even the lesser known selections are described in detail on the liner notes so the listener has a better idea as to why it was chosen.

Maybe one day one of Lana's songs will be covered by someone.

So if you haven't already picked up this Covers Collection please do yourself a favor and do so now to help support some great musicians

Reviewed By Ron Fuchs on February 28th, 2003


01. The Wall [4:54]
02. Kashmir [8:27]
03. Soaring [4:55]
04. Hold Your Head Up [4:55]
05. Innocence [4:57]
06. I'll See You In My Dreams [4:57]
07. Don't Try So Hard [4:18]
08. Northern Lights [4:24]
09. Still Loving You [4:59]
10. Weep In Silence [5:41]
11. Stargazer [7:58]

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