Artist/ Band: Lana Lane
Title: Queen of the Ocean: Japanese Edition
Label: Avalon
Year of Release: 1999
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The Review:

Lana Lane was born in Concord, California. Her main instrument is her voice and secondary instruments include guitar & piano.

The nucleus of Lana's music is her powerful, dare I say DIVA-esque vocals along husband's (Erik Norlander) instrumentation come from the likes of hard rock female fronted legends Heart to the bombast of legendary UK heavy metal pioneer masters Deep Purple.

Her musical inspirations combined with Erik's symphonic instrumentation comes most notably from the lush atmospheric progressive symphonic rock sounds of both Pink Floyd & ELO, along with the progressive rock/AOR wizardry of Styx to the smooth jazz styling of both Henry Mancini & (jazz legend and DIVA, Ella Fitzgerald).

For the most part Lana Lane sounds like at times a deadringer for Heart's Ann Wilson (but with a lot more musical/ vocal range, in my opinion). She also likes vocalist Glenn Hughes (ex-Deep Purple/ ex-Black Sabbath), Joe Lynn Turner (ex-Rainbow/ ex-Deep Purple) & Ian Gillan (currently Deep Purple/ ex-Black Sabbath). In my personal opinion, I think both Ian & Glenn are Deep Purple's definitive vocalists.

Aside for her solo albums, Lana's notable album credits include Ayreon "Ayreonauts Only", "The Universal Migrator Parts I & II" (2000); Erik Norlander "Into the Sunset" (2000) as well as all of the Rocket Scientists releases.

"Queen of the Ocean", Lana's 4th full length studio cd, continues in the tradition of high octane rockers fused with symphonic touches.

Starting with, after a lovely symphonic intro, "Nightfalls" uses both high octane and balladry featuring some of Lana's powerful angelic vocals.

One of my favorites on "Queen of the Ocean" is the title track. Both lyrically and musically one of Lana's best songs to date for this reviewer.

The other two favorites are the amazing cover of Marillion's "Seasons End" which sounds better than the original. The beautifully sung gorgeous love ballad, "Without You". This is my other pick for Lana's best songs I've heard, so far.

Here's another winner in my book. Highly recommended!

Reviewed By Ron Fuchs on November 25th, 2002


01. In The Hall of the Ocean Queen [1:42]
02. Night Falls [7:14]
03. Queen of the Ocean [9:52]
04. Let Heaven In [6:43]
05. Frankenstein Unbound [5:26]
06. Souls of the Mermaids [5:40]
07. Season's End (Japanese bonus track) [5:14]
08. Rainbow's End [6:07]
09. Without You [8:07]

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