Artist/ Band: Lana Lane
Title: Gemini
Label: Think Tank Media
Year of Release: 2007
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The Review:

Lana Lane has released some great albums since 1995 including some great cover songs on the Ballad Collection in 1998, the Ballad Collection 2 (2000), Covers Collection (2002) and Winter Sessions (2004). Now in 2007 she releases Gemini, this time around she does two songs by each classic rock artist, hence the appropriately titled CD.

She picked some really good songs this time out and along with husband Erik Norlander, they add the special Lana Lane symphonic touch. My favorites are by Heart, (Dream of the Archer) Foreigner (Starrider) and a special Pink Floyd tribute called Pink Moon Suite, which includes a Heart song ‘Johnny Moon‘. I was so pleased when I saw Starrider on the track list, since it’s my favorite of all the Foreigner songs!

As always, Lana Lane is joined by husband Erik Norlander along with an amazing bunch of musicians. This time, George Lynch is a new name to the ever growing line-up. He fits so well with Lana’s voice that I hope he’ll be used in future releases. Oh I have to give a special nod to both Kelly Keeling and Mark McCrite for adding their vocal talents to the Pink Moon Suite.

Cover albums are always a hard sell but if you like the arrangements of the previous cover albums of Lana’s then this is a must have addition to your collection. Those new to Lana Lane’s music may want to hear her last studio album ‘Lady Macbeth’ before investing in ’Gemini’. In no way is this a negative statement, just something positive to get the Queen of Symphonic Rock more fans. With that said, this one of the better “tributes” to classic and progressive rock bands and done in a fresh new way with a feminine vocal touch. .

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on May 12th, 2007


1. White Room - 4:58
2. White Rabbit - 2:25
3. Long Long Way From Home - 3:30
4. You Can Never Go Home - 6:02

Pink Moon Suite:

5. Breathe Introduction - 1:15
6. Johnny Moon - 3:01
7. Breathe in the Air - 1:45
8. On the Run - 2:05
9. Time - 5:21
10. Breathe Reprise - 1:25

11. Dream of the Archer - 4:19
12. Starrider - 5:27
13. Sunshine Of Your Love - 4:55
14. Wooden Ships - 4:31
15. Nights in White Satin - 5:19

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