Artist/ Band: Knitting By Twilight
Title: Heavy Hearts & Safety Nets
Label: It's Twilight Time
Year of Release: 1997
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The Review:

Heavy Hearts & Safety Nets is the follow-up to the bandís self titled debut as well as a second in the series of an artistic music project. Continuing with themes established on the first release, this project takes on a few tracks a more aggressive musical approach. This musical project is headed up by multi-instrumentalist John Orsi. Heís joined by guitars Manny Silva and Mike Marando as well as Mike Watson on keyboards.

Heavy Hearts & Safety Nets is a short album as was the debut, and both could be even classified as EP releases. Fret not, thereís just the right amount of music on this album to be enjoyed over and over without growing tired. The downside to the short album is it leaves you wanting more but this is so minimal of a thing since KBT's music carries the listener on a memorable musical journey through many atmospheric, gothic and hints of industrial arrays. Itís the perfect blend of experimental, gothic tinged electronica. That will satisfy the true music connoisseur especially those into chamber and classical based music such as Karda Estra and Univers Zero. Thus rewarding it as highly recommended well done piece of work.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on April 11th, 2006


1. Talk Of Trust
2. Juliette
3. Song One
4. Toy tools
5. Splinter
6. Amusing hearts & Evening Jets
7. I Believe

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