Artist/ Band: Knitting by Twilight
Title: Knitting by Twilight
Label: It's Twilight Time
Year of Release: 1995
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The Review:

Iím honored that John Orsi of Knitting By Twilight has given me the opportunity to review his bandís first two albums to review. Itís not everyday one gets to review an entire bandís catalog based on my review of their last release in 2005, Someone To Break Ths Silence. It goes to show you that even a review written by a fan gets noticed by a band.

KBTís self titled debut EP is full of haunting melodies that convey various moods to the listener. Some of the songs have a feel to it that a casual listener will miss and that is most unfortunate. I donít blame the listener though, because more often I hear from friends that they want something new to hear but have no clue where to find it within the current mainstream music world.

KBT while somewhat accessible, brings back the art in music. This has been sadly missing from most music today, even the mainstream. Their music is pure art and is enjoyable with each listen. I find myself being almost hypnotized by the bandís music. I would whole heartedly recommend this to fans of chamber and classical based music, especially fans of Univers Zero and Karda Estra. Also I believe that Dead can Dance fans will enjoy KBTís work as well. Mainly because they have a song called ďLisaĒ on this debut which is dedicated to the Dead Can Dance's lead singer, Lisa Gerrard.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on April 11th, 2006


1. Lisa
2. There Goes Everything
3. Subsequent Sorrow
4. Blue Ink For Fountain Pens
5. Spending The Nights
6. Knitting By Twilight

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