Artist/ Band: Various Artists
Title: Moments Of Suspension
Label: It's Twilight Time
Year of Release: 2003
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The Review:

Moments Of Suspension is a collection of four different bands on the It's Twilight Time label. Those bands are Knitting By Twilight, Blueshift Signals, Overflower and Incandescent Sky. Iíve had the pleasure of reviewing all of Knitting By Twilightís albums and very soon I will be reviewing Incandescent Skyís latest release. Even though this is a various artist compilation, the focus seems to be on KBT, which isnít a bad thing but would have been better if more of the other bands were featured. Many of the tracks on this compilation have been previously unreleased including Swallowed by KBT.

Since the other bands have only one song featured, itís hard to make any comparisons other than theyíre on par with KBTís music. Almost companion bands if you will but with their own musical identities. Overflower and Incandescent Sky tracks have more guitar prescense in them thus giving a nice contrast to the more minimalists songs.

This is definitely the best place to start if youíre interested in the above bands. Youíll find yourself wanting to hear more from the bands as I do. I would recommend this only those that are adventurous at heart. All others proceed with an open-mind.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on April 11th, 2006


1. Song One 2 - Knitting By Twilight
2. Float - Blueshift Signal
3. Cafe Without Words - Overflower
4. Light House - Incandescent Sky
5. Sad Top - Knitting By Twilight
6. Swallowed (parts 2 & 3) - Knitting By Twilight
7. Knitting by Twilight - Knitting By Twilight
8. Oba - Knitting By Twilight

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