Artist/ Band: Revivor
Title: Monochrome
Label: Self release
Year of Release: 2009
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The Review:

In 2009, the band Revivor recorded an album entitled Monochrome, which remains as an “unofficial” album within the band’s catalog, primarily due to the music in a demo status of the packaging. I remember in a correspondence with Des, that they didn’t release this album because it just didn’t fit their state of mind at the time. Personally, with some slight remastering, this would be just as amazing as any of their albums to date and beyond. I noticed that this time around there is a more new wave presence throughout the album and the songs are much shorter than previous albums from the band.

The overall best way to describe this album is add equal parts of punk, progressive rock, pop and new wave all mixed in with an end result is Monochrome. Maybe if the band sees more of an interest in their music, that might release this album to the public. I really hope so, because it shows the “progress” of the band’s maturity. Plus it’s a damn fine album and I find it a shame if the public won’t see the light of day of the album, Monochrome.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on December 26th, 2010


01. Fear Of Falling
02. One Colour
03. Drag
04. Battlefield
05. Resurrection Man
06. Constantine
07. Valley Of The Fallen
08. Below The Radar
09. Empty Corners
10. Blood Of You, Blood Of Me
11. Schitzoid
12. Constant

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