Artist/ Band: Revivor
Title: Truth Or Consequence
Label: Self release
Year of Release: 2007
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The Review:

My previous exposure to the band Revivor is of their 2010 EP release, Voire Dire. Since then I have received the bands other albums. Their debut entitled Truth Or Consequence is firmly rooted in a more alternative rock sound mixed in with some progressive & psychedelic moments. The progressive moments are nothing like the traditional classic or modern kinds, they are just very unique. The line-up for this album is in a duo format and consists of Bill Vail (bass, keyboards, lead vocals) and Desmond “Des” Doherty (acoustic & electric guitars). Bill’s vocals are unlike anything out there, which is such a welcomed attribute these days.

The song lengths on this album average around the 4-5 minute mark with one track clocking in at almost 7 minutes. The structures on the songs are kept tight with little to no improvisations. While most of the songs have an accessible vibe, they should not be confused with anything mainstream. They’re beyond that, which to me, puts them along side most of the modern progressive pop bands like It Bites. However there is a slight D.I.Y. punk vibe that I get from the overall production and style.

Some highlights for me are the title track, “Truth Or Consequence“ (3:30) a pleasant sounding somber rock based track, another is “Need“ (5;17) which in a perfect world, could easily be a lead single of the album. And finally, “La Veridad O Conscecquencia (Reprise)” (5:11), an instrumental piece that adds a Spanish flavor to the title track. It perfectly ends this album.

I would recommend any newcomers to Revivor, to start right at the beginning and acquire the Truth Or Consequence album. Then to continue chronologically with the rest of the band’s catalog. I will stress that the music will take several listens to fully appreciate the beauty of the debut album.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on December 26th, 2010


01. Solution
02. Are You Going With Me?
03. Democracy
04. Devastate
05. Truth Or Consequence
06. Year And Day
07. Motives
08. Save My Soul
09. Need
10. State Of Emergency
11. La Veridad O Conscecquencia (Reprise)

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