Artist/ Band: Revivor
Title: Voire Dire
Label: Self release
Year of Release: 2010
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The Review:

Revivor is a Irish rock band that dabbles in some progressive moments on their EP Voire Dire. The contents of this EP, which was released in 2010, are four songs. The total time for this release is just under 14 minutes with the longest song is on a track called “Risk Bipolar“ (4:14). The rest are the title track which opens the EP at 2:55, “Messiah” (3:27). Next up is the final track, “Diablo Amigo” (3:19). The last two tracks have a more 80’s rock vibe and contains some very memorable melodies as well as catchy hooks.

I think this is the shortest EP I’ve ever heard. As I previously mentioned, it had elements of alternative rock mixed in with some classic rock from the 80‘s. It leaves you wanting more. I do hope the band follows up in the similar, if not more progressive, vein and a longer album.

Revivor is definitely a band to look out for. I really think they can bridge the gap between classic rock, alternative rock and even modern rock. This band can easily be a household name, hopefully in the near future. Recommended!

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on August 24th, 2010


01. Voire Dire
02. Risk Bipolar
03. Messiah
04. Diablo Amigo

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