Artist/ Band: Revivor
Title: Nemesis Project
Label: Self release
Year of Release: 2008
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The Review:

Revivor followed up in 2008, to their fantastic debut with an album entitled Nemesis Project. The line-up remains the duo of Bill Vail and Desmond “Des” Doherty. I think they stepped up things on this album while staying with the framework presented in their debut. There’s a heavier and slightly more progressive rock vibe present here than on their debut. A cool feature on this album is an enhanced video of the “Prosthetic” song (see link in track listing). I feel that this is a great tool that will hopefully help expose the band to more listeners that they rightfully deserve.

On Nemesis Project, the song lengths are between a 3 to 6 minute bracket. As with the debut, there is still a tight song structure with a little bit more improvisation this time throughout the album. I find that Nemesis Project flows song-to-song a little easier than on the previous release.

Some highlights for me are the opening track “Vibration White Noise” (5:20), very epic sounding track with a noticeable heavier element, especially in the beginning of the song. The best way to describe it, is a stripped down Tony Iommi style guitar sound within a indie rock format. Another highlight in a similar vein is “Here Comes The Fear” (4:54). Ending off the album, is another personal highlight, “Mr. Marlowe” (4:05) which shows the band at a softer dare I say, ballad sounding song.

As I stated in the previous Revivor review, it is best to get into the band’s work in a chronological order. That way you can hear as they “progress” from album to album. You’ll need several listens, although not as many as the debut, to fully appreciate the Nemesis Project.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on December 26th, 2010


01. Vibration White Noise
02. Shift This Anger
03. Here Comes The Fear
04. Prosthetic [YouTube Video]
05. Endless
06. Secret Voices
07. 8mm
08. Suppess
09. Faith In Me
10. Remember Me
11. Carazon
12. Downfall
13. Mr. Marlowe

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