Artist/ Band: Pain Of Salvation
Title: Road Salt One
Label: InsideOut
Year of Release: 2010
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Ever since BE , Pain Of Salvation has changed how they sound. In 2009, they released a EP called Linoleum, which (to me) started a new chapter in the band‘s history. It showed how they’ve departed from progressive metal towards a hard rock/progressive rock output. Sadly I have noticed that there’s some fans out there that are not pleased with their latest full length album, Road Salt One. I believe it’s their loss as it’s still the same band just aimed in a new direction. I personally wouldn’t want copies of their past glories threaded over and over.

I’m going to talk about the songs that gelled with me, starting off the album opening track called “No Way” which reminds me of what The Beatles did around Abbey Road. “Sisters” which is one of the most mellow song the band has ever done. It also has a haunting beauty about it.

To change things up a bit the band dives into a waltz-like vibe on “Sleeping Under The Stars”. which has some racy lyrics. This song is the most experimental thing the band has done since the BE album. Then “Darkness Of Mine”, which again has a slight nod to The Beatles’ Abbey Road combined with some haunting dark themes.

They switch gears with a hard rocking bluesy song, done in a Pain Of Salvation attitude, called “Linoleum”. This one has been a grower on me but I can site that it’s become a favorite of not only this album but from their entire history.

The title track is a ballad that has a very emotional vocals from Daniel. You can really hear singing his heart out here. I feel this is one of the best vocal moments in the band’s career. It also takes the band further away stylistically from their progressive metal roots.

The ending track, “Innocence”, shows them diving into a 70’s progressive rock vibe and a perfect way to end Road Salt One. From what I’ve read online, Road Salt Two will be out later in 2010. I’m hoping they continue the direction they’re taking and maybe experiment even more.

In closing, while the band has changed it’s style, you still know it’s Pain Of Salvation and continues their ambitious streak in their career. It’s a tough sale but if you go into listening with a open mind then you’ll see the beauty and darkness that what Pain Of Salvation does best. I would strongly recommend this album!

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on May 31st, 2010


01. No Way
02. She Likes To Hide
03. Sisters
04. Of Dust
05. Tell Me You Don't Know
06. Sleeping Under The Stairs
07. Darkness of Mine
08. Linoleum
09. Curiousity
10. Where It Hurts
11. Road Salt
12. Innocence

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