Artist/ Band: Pain of Salvation
Title: BE (DVD)
Label: InsideOut Music
Year of Release: 2005
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The Review:

Finally you can see BE on your TV screen and experience the visuals that Pain of Salvation’s main dude Daniel Gildenlöw has created. This performance was taped a year before the studio release and has some minor differences that aren’t worth mentioning. I can say that owning both the DVD and CD will give a better understanding of BE. Joining the band is the nine piece “Orchestra of Eternity” to create what some (including myself) could say a musical masterpiece. For those unaware, BE is a musical journey into realms between opera rock, northern folk, Floydian spherical sounds, classical music, and of course prog metal, and even gospel – for the senses this live event of “Be“ must have been a memorable experience for everyone during the three weeks run in a theater of Pain of Salvation’s home town of Eskilstuna in the summer of 2003.

According to Daniel Gildenlöw, the concept behind this release is simply a story about the genesis of life and it’s dealings with mankind, the concept of God, and our relationship with both faith and science. Now don’t let that scare you because there is NO preaching within the concept. It’s the age old concept of freewill and a way of Daniel to express some of his ideology to his fans. Just like the CD, to grasp the concept you may incline yourself to watch the DVD serval times to fully understand what is going on then you get a better understanding of life.

If you haven’t already purchased the audio of BE, you will have the opportunity to get the now released DVD/CD set “Be Live”. The DVD offers the complete “Be” set in stereo or 5.1 surround mix, plus an audio commentary by Daniel Gildenlöw. After watching the DVD for a few times, I’d highly suggest you watch it with the commentary on. Again you’ll get a better grasp on the concept. There’s a photo gallery set to music, as a few extras in which I won’t go into detail but you’ll defiantly enjoy watching

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on April 3rd, 2005


1. Animae Partus Deus Nova
2. Imago
3. Pluvius Aestivus
4. Lilium Cruentus
5. Nauticus
6. Dea Pecuniae
7. Vocari Dei
8. Diffidentia
9. Nihil Morari
10. Latertius Valette
11. Omni
12. Iter Impius
13. Matius/Nauticus II
14. Animae Partus II

Plus audio commentary, extra "messages to God" and easter eggs

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