Artist/ Band: Pain Of Salvation
Title: BE
Label: InsideOut Msuic
Year of Release: 2004

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The Review:

Pain of Salvation has always been a band that pushes the envelop. They are so far beyond the formula prog metal that populates the music world. Now they go even further with their most ambitious recording to date, entitled BE. Iíve read several reviews of this CD so far and found them to be on the mark. BE is a philosophical concept album, simply about how man thinks about life whether it be through religion or daily mundane experiences. I wonít go into that in my review because that wouldnít be too fair to the musical part of BE.

Musically itís all over the map with Celtic folk, symphonic, progressive, metal, some acoustic pieces as well as some interesting sound bytes. The only flaw of this album is that the music doesnít flow from one song to the next .But that is such a minor flaw.

As always the instrumentation is top notch. Pain of Salvation takes the art of fusing progressive tendencies of the 70's with modern metallic crunches combine with gut wretching emotional driven vocals. Some thoughts came to mind while listening to BE, one was how much this album will put Pain of Salvation in a league of itís own.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on October 19th, 2004


1. Animae Partus Deus Nova
2. Imago
3. Pluvius Aestivus
4. Lilium Cruentus
5. Nauticus
6. Dea Pecuniae
7. Vocari Dei
8. Diffidentia
9. Nihil Morari
10. Latertius Valette
11. Omni
12. Iter Impius
13. Matius/Nauticus II
14. Animae Partus II

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