Artist/ Band: Pain Of Salvation
Title: Ending Themes: On the Two Deaths of Pain of Salvation
Label: InsideOut/SPV
Year of Release: 2009
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Progressive metal band, Pain Of Salvation’s latest release, a double disc, Ending Themes (On the Two Deaths of Pain of Salvation), which is both a live album as well as a documentary. Now this is not an ordinary DVD and rightfully so as it comes from Pain Of Salvation, who I feel are always trying new ways to present music. They’re always “progressing” to the next level and require a lot patience in listening to but the pay off is worth it all.

The first disc of this set is a cleverly done 10 part episodic documentary of the band's 2005 world tour directed by Per Hillblom. It’s presented in Swedish with English subtitles. It also marks the end of a line-up or the “first” death as bassist, Kristopher Gildenlöw (brother of Daniel) leaves the band.

The second disc comes from the band’s 2007 Paradiso show, which was recorded for this DVD. Just like the documentary, the presentation is done as “episodes” . The reason for the “episodes” on the concert DVD, while unknown to me, is something to be expected from the ingenious mind of Daniel Gildenlöw. It also is an ending of a line-up. or the “second” death of the band whereas drummer Johan Langell leaves the band.

This is a tough one to recommend especially for the fans that were first puzzled by BE and puzzled them even more on Scarsick.. The band is first and foremost rooted in the progressive music genre and touches so many styles with it’s music. You have to clear your mind to watch this DVD, especially the documentary of which I’m still digesting. Once you’ve cleared your mind, then you have a wonderful entry from Pain Of Salvation’s world. Then and only then can I recommend this DVD set, which comes in various editions for the fan to choose from.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on September 30th, 2009


DVD1 - The First Death Of:

SixWorlds/EightDays (80-minute documentary of 2005 world tour by Per Hillblom)

DVD2 - The Second Death Of

Touching You Harder: Live From Amsterdam

04."! (Foreword)"
05."Handful of Nothing"
06."New Year's Eve"
09."Brickworks 1 (Parts II-IV)"
10."Chain Sling"
12."Flame to the Moth"
13."Disco Queen"

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