Artist: Pain of Salvation
Title: 12:5
Label: InsideOut Music
Year of release: 2004

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Book I: Genesis
1. Brickwork pt I (Leaving Entropia T5 A)
2. Brickwork pt II (This Heart of Mine T5)
3. Brickwork pt III (Song for the Innocent T5)
4. Brickwork pt IV (Brickwork Descend 1)
5. Brickwork pt V (Leaving Entropia T5 B)

Book II: Genesister
6. Winning a War T5
7. Reconciliation T5
8. Dryad of the Woods
9. Oblivion Ocean T5
10. Undertow T5
11. Chainsling

Book III: Genesinister
12. Brickwork pt VI (Brickwork Ascend 1)
13. Brickwork pt VII (Brickwork Ascend 2)
14. Brickwork pt VIII (Second Love)
15. Brickwork pt IX (Ashes T5)
16. Brickwork pt X (Brickwork Descend 2)

The Review:

Pain of Salvation, to me is possibly the most inventive of all progressive metal bands today because they take chances in their music styles. They aren’t clones of any other band out there today. My first exposure to the band was when Perfect Element I came out back in 2000. At first I couldn’t get into it and it took me awhile to digest the different sounds. After that I was hooked and when Remedy Lane came out, that solidified, in my opinion, Pain of Salvation as the best progressive metal outfit ever.

Much to my surprise, lead singer/guitarist Daniel Gildenlöw even played with The Flower Kings and Transatlantic (live only). I think this may have been a catalyst for Pain of Salvation’s next endeavor, 12:5. 12:5 is an acoustic “live” album , which was recorded in an intimate atmosphere of about 80 people. I was amazed with the way they recreated their music with acoustic guitars, piano and percussion. I do believe this captured the true spirit and their emotional side, especially with the vocals. The album is divided into three parts: Book I: Genesis, Book II: Genesister and Book III: Genesinister.

Book I and III have the subtitle Brickwork and the 10 songs are subsequently divided in parts I to X. The songs are listed in the actual release. According to the press release from Daniel, “There is no true concept as with the other albums, but there is a related story called “Brickworks”, which is a combination of songs and material from the previous albums... One nice thing when we recorded it, was to see how long it took for the audience to recognize some of the songs.”

Book II: Genesister, this part covers 6 acoustic version of songs found on Entropia (‘Winning a War’ and ‘Oblivion Ocean’), The Perfect Element pt. 1 (‘Reconciliation’) and Remedy Lane (‘Dryad of the Woods’, ‘Undertow’ and ‘Chainsling’). It is amazing how well they recreated their classic progressive metal songs into an acoustic feel. They really show off true talent as musicians on this release more than before. Hey this could even be a glimpse into future releases, a combination of both acoustic and metal.

12:5 is an album, that will revisit my cd player for months and years to come.. Listen to it with headphones on and with your yes closed and you can almost feel like you’re a part of the experience that is Pain of Salvation. Whether or not you’re a fan, this is a highly recommended purchase for 2004 indeed. Get it now and hear the beautiful music.

~Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on April 25th, 2004

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