Artist/ Band: Nichelodeon
Title: Il Gioco Del Silenzio
Label: Lizard
Year of Release: 2010
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The Review:

Yet another amazing release by Claudio Milano and band mates. RIO has the same problem that many other music genres have. All bands are placed under this umbrella that people have a pretty set idea about. Unfortunately, we only have references of the pioneers of the style, then some subsequent bands that explore the boundaries, and not all bands sound the same of course. Here is a band that is placed under the RIO genre but I can tell you from being a RIO lover since the 1970's, I totally appreciate this band’s fusion of theater, avant jazz, classical, opera, and progressive art which is at times quirky and at times scary with it’s intensity. The touch of madness and mayhem just lends the whole thing a more interesting listen. It’s surprising how many various elements I can compare them with at certain minutes of the recording. I’ll go ahead and get this over with, I LOVE THIS CD!!!

Nichelodeon have a fine group of musicians on this release. Anyone familiar with the Italian band Goblin, will hear some of the more vocal techniques on this disc, but more extensive, and far more developed. Everything from sax solos and abstract voices, over a strong wall of music, comes right into your listening space. It might be a good thing to suggest you like singers/artists like Meredith Monk, Diamanda Galas, Demetrio Stratos (deceased singer for Area ), and Tuvan throat singers, so you can be ready to listen to the extreme range of Claudio Milano on “Il Gioco del Silenzio” That is not to say that there is not some beautiful ballad, ( in that classic Italian way) and incredible display of controlled vocal brilliance.

The voice might carry the story, but the instruments carry the singer. You can enjoy strings, Fripp like long lead lines, superb ECMish acoustic piano ( think John Taylor), brass, drums and percussion, and electronic treatments. This just begins to describe it all. I never give a play by play review on each song and even if someone tried, they’d just be going insane as to how to stop writing as every 10 seconds, something changes and nothing is expected. If this sound at all chaotic, it is most certainly NOT! If it sounds dysfunctional or patched together, it most assuredly is NOT!

‘Il Gioco del Silenzio” is one of the most brilliant CD’s I have listened to in the last 10 years. If I had to give it a once line review, I’d say ‘Goblin gone RIO and operatic and added members of Henry Cow.. AND MORE!!!!!” But that would not at all be sufficient to describe this glorious work. I can’t even think of a recording I own ( out of over 10,000 CD’s and previously over 6,000 albums ) that covers this much ground in such a seamless way. It’s all one beautifully composed and executed set of compositions making a must have recording. I somehow feel I have not even begun to give this recording it’s due review or praise, but this is a fanzine and interested parties can read more in-depth review from the paid journalists in the limelights for further glowing words. Trust me, this is superb! It’s truly a work of art, and something American artist are mostly prevented from ever doing, due to lack of backing, funds, and anyone wanting to listen to it. Thankfully us progressive music lovers exist! We welcome great music with open arms from anywhere! This time, it is from Italy .....again *s*

Reviewed by Lee Henderson on Novemebr 8th, 2010


1. Fame (3:53)
2. Fiaba (6:57)
3. Claustrofilia (5:27)
4. Malamore e la Luna (8:59)
5. Amanti in guerra (5:56)
6. Ombre cinesi (5:38)
7. Apnea (7:15)
8. Il giardino degli altri (8:16)
9. La corsa dei trattori (ghost track) (1:44)
10. Se (7:59)
11. Lana di vetro (7:55)
12. Ciò che rimane (8:59)

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