Artist/ Band: Claudio Milano
Title: L'urlo Rubato
Label: Milano
Year of Release: 2004
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The Review:

I’ve been a great fan and admirer of Claudio since I heard the first and second releases by his fantastic band NichelOdeon. This is his first self produced solo which is a collection of works for theater, dance and installations. It’s a fantastic recording with Claudio on piano and various other keyboards, that shows his talents in a multi- tier set of compositions. He also does his remarkable vocals throughout. Along many guests, his main backup is Giovanni Zerbi ( flutes and saxes), Frederica della Janna (violin), and Paolo Siconolfi (electronic treatments, editing, and mastering), Claudio has created a magical world where you can easily imagine the stage of different characters and props, that conjure up short stories or skits. Claudio has made a masterpiece of atmospheric pieces that are all at once classical, avant garde, early music, alien, and simply great for the head and ears. All 77:48 seconds of it.

The CD is divided into three soundtracks/headings. 1) ma le serve di, Genet? 2) Hamlet 3) building up a cathedral from me. I sat in awe as I felt I was listening to a unique fusion of Verdi, medieval, Paul Van Ostaijien, avant garde, Cirque du Soleil, and Carl Orff, all done by a wayward monk. He even does a cover of Jacques Brel’s “Ne Me Quitte Pas”). It clearly shows Claudio’s serious musical training and skills. This recording moves from early music to modern and crosses many borders but best of all it never leaves the listener bored for one second..

“ L’urlo Rubato” is talent from fingers, voice, soul, heart and mind. Much comes together here for a sometimes sparse, sometimes layered, often cerebral, and completely transfixing CD. The audience owes themselves the favor of patience and attentive listening so the music can really be heard. It’s this type of fruit that gives the sweetest juice with each slow bite. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Reviewed by Lee Henderson on February 8th, 2012


Ma le Serve di Genet? (The surreal and amusing part of a drama) total time: 9:54
01. Movimento #1
02. Movimento #2
03. Ne me quitte pas (J. Brel)
04. Le deserteur ... marseillaise (B.Vian/H. Berg/R. De Lisle)
05. Vedrai, vedrai (L. Tenco)

Hamlet (A dumb humanity reduced to a ghost of passions) total time: 35:56
06. Introduzione
07. Tema d'infanzia
08. Ripresa
09. Tema per il corte funebre
10. Prima apparizione dello spettro
11. Fanfara nuzionale e danza
12. Apparizione dello spettro (flauto solo)
13. Rivelazione dello spettro
14. Lettere
15. Ofelia (canto d'amore)
16. Separazione (gradi di)...
17...Danza macabra
18. Spettacolo a corte
19. Pentimento di Claudio
20. Dialogo con lo spettro
21. La colpa di Gertrude
22. Follia e morte di Ofelia
23. Duello
24. Finale

Building up a cathedral from me (Thought and action have no real correspondence in life) total time: 31:58
25-35. parte prima: Stanze da 1 a 11
36-42. parte seconda: Stanze da 12 a 18
43. Exit?

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