Artist/ Band: Claudio Milano and Erna Franssens aka Kasjanoova
Title: Adython
Label: Den Records
Year of Release: 2012
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The Review:

Not only is this a totally unique and cool CD package but the music is quite amazing as well. Some may recognize the singer Claudio Milano from the band Nichelodeon (see review I did previous). Erna Franssens is a lyricist. Additional collaboration includes Attila Faravelli, Alfonso Santimone (winner of the InSound contest as best electronic musician) and Stefano Ferrian who has played in bands Psychofagist ( grindcore, death metal, avant garde,) as well as many other experimental and free jazz and multi styled bands playing both guitar and sax. Before you try and imagine the style of this ‘Adython’ recording, let me tell you it is not an easy to guess at.

I don’t want to scare anyone but the CD is divided into only 2 tracks (“L’Oracolo Di Delfi” which Attila Faravelli gives electronic sound treatments on, and "Adython” to which Alfonso Santimone performs treatments on) for a total of just over 47 minutes. This is a unique connection of dark experimental atmospheric theatrical progressive music that stretches the boundaries of the voice to deepest parts of the soul, mind and throat. If not before now, Claudio Milano has proven he is the secret child of Demetrio Stratos and Diamanda Galas who grew up further studying Tuvan throat singing, Meredith Monk, Pauline Oliveros and some aliens who bestowed their special gifts to him. That about says it. At least on this recording.

Now I won’t mess around here. You have to love the human voice as an instrument, as well as appreciate experimental music in the outer regions. You also have to understand the importance of listening to this unreal work all by yourself (best late night) and when you can truly pay attention to every detail. In other words, you cannot possibly enjoy this on the fly or in any distracted state of mind whatsoever. And besides, this deserves your undivided attention. There is sax, and keyboard effects, but Claudio’s voice is the big draw. And along with both abstract electronics, and roller coaster treatments of various sorts, the trip this music takes you on is extremely adventurous. The voice parts are at times radical, but also little pieces of Claudio’s classical training come out, and the guttural tricks, nasal and throat singing, narrative and mind expanding voice techniques are all on full display. Not to mention some eastern stylings and electronic treatments of his voice too (not that he ever seems to need them).

So what we have is a cerebral work of operatic proportions and remarkable imagination. If you take the plunge, you may end up in another dimension when you are finished listening. I might add if you love horror movie soundtracks and the voices on the Goblin albums, you may appreciate this just on that level alone. But for me, there is so much more, with even some totally beautiful heavenly voice from Milano if you listen into the 23:00 mark of song 2. There is a sensitive finger that Claudio has on the pulse of the honest energy that breathes this mixture. This work drifts from the deep dark center of the earth to the ceilings of the universe with an atmosphere that makes this incredibly interesting to me. It’s not meant to be easy listening. Claudio knows this, and I know this, but anyone interested in the true art of what progressive really means, should be happy to know this CD is being put forth in the present day of overwhelming digital downloads and massive musical garbage that sell as single mp3 tunes, that people listen to aimlessly while walking into cars and manholes. And I repeat, this is a elaborate package that will be a collectible in the future. For all lovers of the avant garde voice used as far as the mind will allow itself to go.

Recommended listening for the serious progressive music lover.

Reviewed Lee Henderson by on April 13th, 2012


01. L’Oracolo Di Delfi (14:49)
02. Adython (32:31)

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