Artist/ Band: Glass Hammer
Title: Shadowlands
Label: Arion Records
Year of Release: 2004
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The Review:

After their successful and critically acclaimed release of 2002's amazing Lex Rex, I wondered how they were going to top that. Well much to my surprise and please, they did with Shadowlamds. Even though this is a slightly different sounding from Lex Rex, it does have has that signature Glass Hammer sound, and it's deeply rooted in 70's styled classic prog.This time thereís even more energy. Itís almost as if they combined Lex rex with Chronometree in a way.

Once again Fred Schendel and Steve Babb dazzle us with their excellent musicianship plus as they have in the past added some great supporting musicians and vocalists. Back is Walter Moore, and heís never sounded better. Adding to the sound is The Adonia String Trio (violin, viola, and cello). This really is a treat thus bringing a very warm feeling to the music because most bands synthesize these instruments.

While most bands go for the obvious prog cover, Glass Hammer surprises us with a rendition of Dan Fogelbergís classic "Longer", and they do it much in the way Yes did Simon & Garfunkelís ďAmericaĒ.This is special to my ears because the original is one of our wedding songs.

You canít go wrong here folks. Glass Hammer has done us prog-fans good over the years especially on their offerings of Chronometree, Lex Rex and now Shadowlands. Go to your favorite vendor and support this band, please!

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on February 3rd, 2004


1. So Close, So Far [9:50]
2. Run Lisette [10:30]
3. Farewell to Shadowlands [7:30]
4. Longer [9:55]
5. Behind the Great Beyond [20:26]

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