Artist/ Band: Glass Hammer
Title: Lex Rex
Label: Arion Records
Year of Release: 2002
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The Review:

"Lex Rex", is without question the band's best studio offering to date by combining all the musical elements of their five studio albums (the fantasy epics Perelandra and Journey of the Dunadan and the ever popular, Chronometree).

The music, as in previous releases are full of grand keyboard-based symphonic progressive rock featuring the excellent songwriting and instrumentation of Fred Schendel and Steve Babb along with special guest musicicans and vocalists.

"Lex Rex", tells the story of a young Roman man on a personal spiritual quest to find elusive "glory", Lex Rex's musical and lyrical twists and turns are riveting.

Obviously, Steve & Fred clearly have poured tremendous passion and energy into crafting Lex Rex with their soaring vocal harmonies, which at times remind me of Anderson & Squire.

Also there are some great guitar work along killer monster analog keyboards make for some complex yet melodic musical passages on "Lex Rex", which to me will no doubt be at or near the top of my "best of the year 2002" list!

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on November 8th, 2002


1. Good Evening [0:51]
2. Tales of the Great War [10:42]
3. One King [6:07]
4. Further Up And Further In [15:13]
5. Intermission [1:08]
6. Music For Four Hearts
(And Temporal Anomaly) [2:19]
7. A Cup of Trembling [7:50]
8. Centurion [7:47]
9. Whene Were Young [9:53]
10. Goodnight [1:11]
11. Heroes And Dragons [3:45]

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