Artist/ Band: Farpoint
Title: Kindred
Label: 10T Records
Year of Release: 2011
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Four years have passed since I last reviewed the Farpoint album (Cold Star Quiet Star) and in the time between that album and their latest release "Kindred", the band has undergone a slight change in musical direction from progressive folk rock with a Celtic edge to contemporary country. Gone are the progressive trappings of bands like Genesis, Pink Floyd, and Camel which I suggested in my past review. Yet the positive spiritual message that runs throughout all their albums remains unchanged. In fact the lyrical content of the "Kindred" firmly establishes Farpoint as an inspiration Christian Rock Band in the truest sense of the word.

This album is a bit more subdued and ballad-driven than either "Cold Star Quiet Star" or "First Light" - two albums which I am most familiar - which featured a mix of hard-edged metal along with the quiet melodic passages.

While the musicianship is extraordinary, some of the tunes are a little too country for my liking making it hard for me to whole-hearted recommend it to progressive listeners. Stand out tracks include the opening number "Calling Out" which reminds me of some of the solo albums put out by Moody Blues members Ray Thomas and Mike Pinder, and the soothing instrumental "Indian Summer" which is my favorite.

The current Farpoint line-up consists of: Dave Auerbach (lead and rhythm guitar), Dean Hallal (lead and backing vocals), Kevin Jarvis (keyboards, guitars, dulcimer, vocals), Jennifer Meeks (flute, lead and backing vocals) Frank Tyson (bass guitar, vocals, whistling), and Rick Walker (drums and percussion).

Reviewed by Joseph Shingler on September 17th, 2011


01. Calling Out (4:54)
02. Still Water (5:04)
03. Unity (1:59)
04. Another Day (4:36)
05. Water Of Life (10:00)
06. Live For Him (5:26)
07. Indian Summer (2:38)
08. By My Side (3:55)
09. Vacant Hills (6:44)
10. Freedom Road (6:05)

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