Artist/ Band: Farpoint
Title: Cold Star Quiet Star
Label: Self release
Year of Release: 2008
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The Review:

Cold Star Quiet Star is Farpoint’s fourth studio release and possibly their most satisfying album to date. It is also marks the first release since the group disbanded in 2005. The present line-up consists of Farpoint stalwarts  Kevin Jarvis (keyboards; acoustic, electric and classical guitars; backing vocals) Rick Walker (percussion) and Frank Tyson (bass and backing guitars; backing vocals) and newcomers Dean Hallal (lead and backing vocals) and Jennifer Meeks (flute; lead and backing vocals). Also appearing on the album are Joe Driggers (lead and rhythm electric guitar), Sam Sanders (electric guitar), and Trey Franklin (upright bass).  

For the uninitiated Farpoint combines elements of electric folk, vintage progressive, old World Celtic, and hard-edged Metal, often compared to bands like Renaissance, Iona, and Mostly Autumn because of female vocalists Dana Oxendine and Jennifer Meeks, but I’d suggest after four excellent CDs the group has distinguished themselves and their distinct style separates them from the pack. Farpoint sounds like … Farpoint.

Although the band does not present themselves as a Christian Prog/Rock group their compositions are inspirational and deeply spiritual; even in moments of controlled chaos the music has a positive energy that speaks to a higher force. “Cold Star Quiet Star” is a collection of 8 tunes, three of which are superb old school prog/rock instrumentals which harkens back to vintage Genesis, Pink Floyd, and Camel … something to perk up these tired old ears.

The real stand-out vocal track is “Red Shift (Alone)” a positively beautiful ballad penned by Kevin Jarvis and augmented by excellent harmonies and an energetic instrumental break. Cold Star Quiet Star is highly recommended!

Reviewed by Joseph Shingler on March 31st, 2009


01. Prologue: Call To Arms ( 6:43 )
02. Solar Wind ( 2:47 )
03. Red Shift (Alone) 10:15
04. Cold Star ( 3:10 )
05. Darkness ( 7:51 )
06. Quiet Star ( 3:23 )
07. Blue Shift (Home) ( 9:39 )
08. Epilogue: Machine Symphony ( 5:29 )

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