Artist/ Band: Farpoint
Title: From Dreaming To Dreaming
Label: Self release
Year of Release: 2004
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The Review:

Farpoint returns with their third release, From Dreaming To Dreaming. The music is pretty much in the same vibe as their other two with continuing a sound that is both a folk based (reminiscent of Renaissance) and adventurous playing of mid 70's Yes'. Farpoint also can be on par with current progressive rock bands such as Iona, Mostly Autumn, Queccia and Mermaid Kiss.

Again there are two vocalists (male by way of Clark Boone and a female by way of Dana Oxendine) who are better sounding than ever. From Dreaming To Dreaming is their best work so far, not saying the other two are shabby. This one is more focused and has some more accessible songs on it like Autumn Sky and Universal Light. In fact in a perfect world, Universal Light could be a hit single.

Farpoint have succeeded in surpassing my expectations of their third release and I must recommend this as one of the best releases of 2004!

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on December 7th, 2004


01. Lux Universum, Part 1
02. Autumn Sky
03. Anything At All
04. Universal Light
05. Here And Now
06. Crying in the Rain
07. Sojourn
08. Nothing At All
09. O Lost
10. Ahley's Song
11. Lux Universum, Part 2

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