Artist/ Band: Farpoint
Title: Grace
Label: Self release
Year of Release: 2003
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Just sit back put your headphones on, keep your mind open and relax as Farpoint takes you to a more mellower progressive sound. Their sound is both a folk based (reminsicent of Renaissance) and adventurous playing of some Yes' mid 70's more spiritual and uplifting moments. In no way does the band come off as a copy-cat nor do they "clone" them, you can almost say that in a way they could be contemporaries of Renaissance and Yes.

Farpoint's music may not be for everyone especially the listener who needs either the way-out complex somewhat dissonant sounds more common place in today's progressve market. To some it may come across as a snoozer but in many ways it can be a nice contrast to the bludgeoning metal based progessive music of the day.

With two vocalists (male by way of Clark Boone and a female by way of Dana Oxendine) Farpoint is able to achieve a balance in emotions with a strong spiritual side. Clark provides the husky vocals that envoke Ritchie Havens at times and Dana counters him with a soft angelic vocals, similar to Annie Haslam.

Grace is their second release to date and from reading other reviews of their debut First Light it looks like the band have devolped more and I'm sure by their 3rd CD they will be a very common name within the progressive music community.

Definitely a keeper!

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on May 20th, 2003


01. Into the Night [5:56]
02. Dawn [6:24]
03. Ghost [6:39]
04. H2Origins [7:44]
05. Yesterday [5:44]
06. Grace [7:00]
07. Sunset [5:34]
08. Nevermore [4:51]
09. Falling Down [4:38]
10. Over Again [5:45]

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