Artist/ Band: Erik Norlander
Title: Seas Of Orion
Label: Think Tank Media/ Quantum Records
Year of Release: 2004
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The Review:

On Seas of Orion, Erik Norlander seems to have picked up where he left off musically on Threshold. For those that are unaware of the sound of Threshold, it was instrumentally electronic based in a trio format ala ELP. On Seas, Erik reduces the musicians to himself and percussionist Greg Ellis Lately Erik has been somewhat a musical chameleon of sorts, going from hard rock, prog and prog metal then electronic. He truly is a musician with no boundaries and excels in what ever genre he chooses.

On Seas of Orion thereís six instrumentals, which has captured all the sounds he previously created on his previous releases and added some upbeat moments of electronica as well this time around. All the tracks with the exception of the epic Adrift on the Fire Seas of Orionís Shield are upbeat in nature. Adrift is more of an ambient journey that should be appealing to Tangerine Dream fans.. This is a pleasant return for a lot of fans of his debut, Threshold.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on Novemebr 16th, 2004


1. Fanfare For Absent Friends
2. City of Living Machines
3. New Gotham Prime
4. Adrift on the Fire Seas of Orion's Shield
5. Oasis in Stasis
6. Opera Sauvage: Hymne

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