Artist/ Band: Erik Norlander
Title: Stars Rain Down
Label: Think Tank Media
Year of Release: 2004

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The Review:

2004 has been a busy year so far for Think Tank Media, first off they gave us the fantastic package of a Lana Lane live cd and DVD, now they present us with the first ever live Erik Norlander disc. Although Erik is the driving musical force on Think Tank Media, this is where you get a cross section of his solo works and songs from his band Rocket Scientists.

The song selections are pretty much a "greatest hits" package and a wonderful place for those that are unfamiliar with Erik to start. You get hard rock, prog metal, progressive rock and classic rock all in one package. Highlights of the disc for me are Kelly Keeling’s awesome rendition of “Mariner”, not that the original was bad, this version is beefed up with Kelly’s soulful voice. The other highlight is Lana Lane’s vocals on “Lost Highway” and “Oblivion Days”, like other songs of Erik’s, Lana makes them her own. Erik’s band again is phenomenonal, with Peer Verschuren on guitars. This guy is one of the best guitarists today and it’s obvious why Erik has him aboard.

Erik shines as always on Sky Full of Stars, Project Blue Prince and Space: 1999. I enjoyed watching his solo set at this year's CalProg and his style is really unlike others, since he doesn't play in a technical fashion that most keyboardists do, he plays from the heart and soul. You can’t go wrong with purchasing this CD. I also read that Erik will be releasing later in 2004 his fifth (fourth studio) solo album, so indeed Erik can be one of, if not the hardest working man in progressive rock. The good thing is all the material he produces is top notch and thankfully, no filler!

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on August 31st, 2004


1. Rome Is Burning
2. Beware of the vampires
3. One of the Machines
4. Mariner
5. Sky Full of Stars
6. Lost Highway
7. Arrival
8. Neurosaur
9. Heavy Metal Symphony
10. Project Blue Prince
11. Fly
12. Oblivion Days
13. Space: 1999

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