Artist: Erik Norlander
Title: Into the Susnet
Label: Avalon
Date: 2000

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1. Sunset Prelude [3:17]
2. Into the Sunset [5:34]
3. Rome Is Burning [6:05]
4. Fanfare for the Dragon Isle [0:50]
5. Fly [7:53]
6. Dreamcurrents [4:38]
7. Lines in the Sand [5:11]
8. On the Wings of Ghosts [10:29]
9. Hymn [1:18]
10. Into the Sunset Reprise [1:32]
11. Sunset Postlude [2:25]

Bonus Track:
12. Alchemy and Astronomy [17:10]

The Review:

Erik Norlander was born in Hollywood, California. His main instrument is keyboards with secondary instruments of the bass, guitar, saxophone, clarinet, percussion.

Of Erik's five favorite musicians, see for the full list, he emulates the best parts of Keith Emerson & Rick Wakeman with a style very much his own.

His most notable musical influences that can be heard in his instrumentation stem from from progressive rock & symphonic legendary British acts such as ELP, ELO, Yes, UK, Moody Blues, Procol Harum, The Alan Parsons Project, King Crimson, Supertramp & Jethro Tull as well as some classic & current hard rock/metal/prog-metal bands Rush, Blue Oyster Cult, Deep Purple & Ayreon.

Aside from working in his group, Rocket Scientists, Erik's notable album credits include guest appearances on Mark Boals "Edge of the World" (2002); Arjen Anthony Lucassen's Star One "Space Metal" (2002); all of Lana Lane's projects; Ayreon's "Ayreonauts Only", "The Universal Migrator Part I & II" (2000); Magna Carta's "Tribute to the Titans" & "Encores, Legends and Paradox - A Tribute to the Music of ELP" (1999); Neil Citron: "Guitar Dreams" (1998).

On "Into the Sunset", Erik continues his prog metal journey that he started back in 1999 when he met Arjen Anthony Lucassen (who guested on the heavy guitar) "Oblivion Days".

Erik repaid the favor and played on the above mentioned two part Migrator series by Ayreon.

A year or so ago I wouldn't have appreaciated "Into the Sunset" that much so, my timing was absolutely perfect in reviewing this wonderful prog metal body of work.

I throughly enjoy the cd from start to finish, most notably "Fly", "Dreamcurrents" (a gorgeous intrumental that was played at the Rocket Scientists show on October 27th, 2002), "On the Wings of Ghosts" & "Alchemy and Astrology". The latter two features Ayreon regulars, Edward Reekers & Robert Soeterboek on vocals.

This reviewer can't wait to see what Erik's next, yes next solo CD has in store for the progressive music world.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs onNovember 25th, 2002

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