Artist: Erik Norlander
Title: Threshold
Label: Kinesis
Year of Release: 1997


1. Arrival [1:54]
2. Neurosaur [5:22]
3. No Cross To Carry [5:44]
4. Threshold [8:10]
5. Neuro Boogie [5:42]
6. Trantor Station [5:28]
7. Waltz of the Biots [11:12]
i. Particle Storm
ii.Cocktails in the Vestibule
iii. Grand Ballroom
8. Critcial Mass [7:43]
1. Leviathan
ii. Anthem
iii. Republic
iv. Foundation
v. Leviathan Reprise

The Review:

As part of my recent reviewing of Think Tank Media artists I bring the 1997 release Threshold, which is Rocket Scientists' keyboardist, Erik Norlander solo debut.

Here, Erik showcases his amazing technical keyboard wizardry which, in my opinion, was very subdued in the first two Rocket Scientists' releases especially in Earthbound more so than in Brutal Archecture.

Joining Erik in the line-up is bassist Don Schiff and drummer Greg Ellis resulted in a stripped down trio which touts in the liner notes NO GUITARS. Thus to most ears, including mine, evokes an updated classic progressive sound ala legendary ELP.

To make this recording a more "official" release in the progressive world, Keith Emerson did a wonderful praise of Erik's instrumentation. Sort of a changing of the guard even though Keith was at the time and still is a vital keyboardist in the world of progressive rock.

There are some excellent instrumental passages throughout where I just can't pinpoint a favorite but "Neursaur", "No Cross To Carry" and "Trantor Station" are definite future prog classics!

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on January 6th, 2003

Editor's note: This edition is out of print and has since been replaced by a Special Edition version.

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