Artist: Damian Wilson
Title: Cosmas
Produced by: Andrew Holdsworth
Label/ Date: Veraglas Records / 1997


1. When I Leave This Land [4:56]
2. She's Like A Fable [3:22]
3. I Want To Build My World [4:08]
4. Agony [3:13]
5. You Hurt Me Inside [1:52]
6. A Monday Night in March [3:50]
7. How Can You Turn So Coldly [0:36]
8. Please Don't Leave Me Till I Leave You [3:07]
9. I Can't Change Your Mind [0:34]
10. Nothing In This World Remains The Same [3:37]
11. Naturally [1:10]
12. Homegrown [4:27]
13. The Image I Saw [0:49]
14. Naked [4:32]
15. Just The Way It Goes [4:49]

The Review:

In a surprise (a welcomed one too) move, award-winning vocalist Damian Wilson went the acoustic route on his first solo CD, Cosmas.

Prior to this release, Damian Wilson was best known to the Prog community with his involvments in Landmarq (neo-prog) and Threshold (prog-metal).

Cosmas, which was released in 1997 on Clive Nolan's Verglas Records, shows quite a nice contrast to his previous works in the afore mentioned bands.

Great arrangements and vocal melodies that make you hum along. A excellent music gem indeeed.

Reviewed By Ron Fuchs on February 16th, 2003

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