Artist: Damian Wilson
Title: 5track Sampler
Label/ Date: Cosmas Records 2002


1. When I Leave This Land [5:02]

2. Brightest Way [3:18]

3. One Life [4:20]

4. Homegrown [4:53]

5. She's Like A Fable (featuring Rick Wakeman) [3:25]

The Review:

Okay you've read my other two Damian Willson reviews and still not sure where to start? Well then 5track Sampler is the best way to hear Damian's solo works whichis available on Damian's website. Click the CD cover above to get there.

Included on the sampler are songs from both his debut Cosmas as well as his latest Disciple along with a version of "She's Like A Fable" with legenary Rick Wakeman guesting on piano.

Reviewed By Ron Fuchs on January 6th, 2003

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