Artist: Damian Wilson
Title: Disciple limited edition
Label: Cosmas Records
Year of Release: 2001

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Disc One: Disciple
1. Disciple [5:01]
2. Brightest Way [3:18]
3. Heavenly Mine [3:08]
4. Beating Inside [5:02]
5. What A Man Can Dream [3:03]
6. Never Close The Door [2:52]
7. Nothing Without You [2:35]
8. Part of Me [3:43]
9. Adam's Child [3:21]
10. Quietly Spoken [2:46]

Disc Two: Grow Old With Me
1. Grow Old With Me [3:51]
2. In A Word [3:07]
3. Just The Way It Goes [4:31]
4. A Monday Night in March [4:08]
5. Nothing Left In Me [4:11]

The Review:

Award winning vocalist Damian Wilson is best known to the Prog community with his involvments in Landmarq (neo-prog), Threshold (prog-metal) and guesting on Arjen Lucassen's Star One and Ayreon projects.

Damian also played the lead role in Les Miserables, the part of Jean Valjean, which will mean a lot to anyone who knows Les Mis. and the vocalist in Rick Wakeman's English Rock Ensemble project.

Damian's second CD, Disciple comes two ways, a standard jewel case format as well as a double cd digipac limited edition version with a second CD called Grow Old With Me.

I have yet to hear his first CD, Cosmas, so I don't have a focal point but I've noticed that on Disciple, the music that he focuses on is acoustic based.

Disciple and the companion CD, Grow Old With Me are a lovely collection of very beautiful adult contemporary spiritual and uplifting music backed by The City of Sheffield Youth Orchestra. In my opinion, the orchestral and acoustic instrumentation allows the listener to see truly what a great singer Damian is. Plus he also provides some tasty acoustic guitar throughout.

This is a release that you can share with the whole family as the songs are very catchy and memorable. Although this is not quite something you'd hear on commerical radio (especially here in America), it is a very nice contrast to much of the angst-ridden music that we've been bombarded ith as of late.

All in all this is a very well done collection of songs that will be a welcomed addition for any that like vocal based music.

Reviewed By Ron Fuchs on January 6th, 2003

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