Artist: Damian Wilson & Band
Title: Live In Rehearsal
Label/ Date: Cosmas Records 2002


1. Brightest Way [3:33]
2. Homegrown [4:53]
3. She's Like A Fable [3:00]
4. One Life [4:21]
5. When I Leave This Land [4:52]
6. Heavenly Mine [3:07]
7. Please Don't Leave Me Till I Leave You [3:03]
8. I Want To Build My World [4:03]
9. Naked [4:02]
10. Adam's Child [3:42]
11. Win In The End [4:05]
12. She's Like A Fable* [3:25]

The Review:

Live In Rehearsal only features the songs of Damian Wilson solo career with an appearance of legendary Rick Wakeman on "She's Like A Fable".

Most of the songs are pretty much similar to their studio counterparts with one exception. "Adam's Child" gets a nice electric guitar boost which gives a more powerful vocal delivery from Damian from the acoustic version.

Again, even though I have yet to hear his first CD, Cosmas, I can only base my opinion on the songs that are on Disciple.

Even in the live versions there are no overpowering music of the electric guitars or otherwise throughout, just simply Damian at his best and a very good value as it's very well recorded, but inexpensively packaged with no frills.

It was primarily recorded to give the promoters some idea of what Damian sounded like on stage with his own material. Plus the fans wanted to know too!

Hopefully, all future albums will have some of the great musicians that Damian has worked with, come to 'guest', playing Damian's music. That will be very special!

Reviewed By Ron Fuchs on January 6th, 2003

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