Artist/ Band: Also Eden
Title: Think of the Children
Label: Festival Music
Year of Release: 2011
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In 2011, Also Eden released the first full length album, Think Of The Children, with the line-up from their 2010 EP, Differences As Light. Differences As Light was a restart of sorts for the band with new singer Rich Harding. They continue with Think Of The Children which I feel steps the band up from their already amazing catalog of music.

Opening and closing the album is the two part title track (“Think of the Children I” (6:59) and “Think of the Children II” (4:01)) with all players in full swing. Normally I prefer one long track over multi-part or a suite but having the song spilt was a brilliant way to bookend the album.

Aside from the title tracks, some of my favorites or highlights of the album are “The Greater Game” (9:17), “Stealth” (5:37) which reminds me a lot of Geoff Mann era Twelfth Night especially in the narration part about half way through and “Dream Without A Dream” (6:10) serves as almost a coda or epilogue. I’m not sure about the band’s masterplan but I view these three songs as a suite.

If you’re a fan of Also Eden so far, then you really must purchase Think Of The Children. It’s modern progressive rock at it’s finest and deserves a very high recommendation. Hopefully one day they will grace a stage here on this side of the pond.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on September 22nd, 2012


01. Think of the Children I
02. Hiding In Plain Sight
03. Oversight
04. Lifers
05. The Greater Game
06. Stealth
07. Dream Without A Dream
08. 1949
09. Think of the Children II

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