Artist/ Band: Also Eden
Title: It's Kind Of You To Ask
Label: Self release
Year of Release: 2008
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The Review:

Also Eden returned in 2008 with a new album entitled It‘s Kind Of You To Ask. The line-up for this album differs slightly from the first one., where only the rhythm section changed. Steve Dunn (bass) and Tim Coleman (drums) were the newest addition to the band.

Opening track “Star” (11:05) is the first epic on the album and starts out with some atmospheric keys then segues into an upbeat mood. Then all cylinders firing off sets the tone for the remainder of the song and the album. Another perfect example of a classic sounding neo-prog song while having a modern production.

“Artificial Light” (5:49) has a similar vibe as the opening track and is just as epic sounding. It’s a very good track that has a solid beat to it and contains all the best ingredients of the genre. This is one of my favorites off this album. It segues perfectly into the next track “Skimming Stones” (6:59). It’s an acoustic based track with some atmospheric keyboard sounds backing the vocals. Very melodic ballad type song.

“Outside In” (10:11) is another epic track with a melodic opening with the keys and vocals. Around the two minute mark the song becomes quite heavy in the guitar work while not being prog-metal. This is another of my favorites of this album. Simply the best kind of example of the genre’s finest moments.

“Together Alone” (3:48) is the shortest track the most acoustic based on the album. A very melodic song that reminds me of Paul Menel-era IQ.

Next is “A Widow's Eyes“ (12:41) the longest epic on the album and just like the others, has an atmospheric opening. Again another fine example of the neo-prog genre. Similar sounding to Allan Reed-era Pallas in the instrumentation.

Then we have an excellent closing track in “Photographs” (8:53). It sums up the entire vibe of the album. There’s also the best elements of the genre of music that I’m particularly very fond of. Another favorite of mine.

In closing, Also Eden continues on with excellence from their debut on It’s Kind Of You To Ask. If you enjoyed the first album, then this is a must have addition to your collection. Simply epic sounding neo-prog that isn’t stale sounding at all. Highly recommended!

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on November 30th, 2010


01. Star (11:05)
02. Artificial Light (5:49)
03. Skimming Stones (6:59)
04. Outside In (10:11)
05. Together Alone (3:48)
06. A Widow's Eyes (12:41)
07. Photographs (8:53)

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