Artist/ Band: Also Eden
Title: About Time
Label: Self release
Year of Release: 2006
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The Review:

In 2006 Also Eden released their first album entitled About Time. The line-up for this album was Huw Lloyd-Jones (vocals), Simon Rogers (guitars), Ian Hodson (keyboards), Mark Hall (drums), and Ralvin Thomas (bass). Mark and Ralvin left some time after the album was released.

Opening track, “Between the Lines” (8:47) starts off the album perfectly. The instrumentation and vocals are in top form here. This was the first time I got to hear the original singer. He reminds me of a mix between Fish & Alan Reed while sounding totally original.

“For Bumble” (13:21) is the first epic of the album. It’s very atmospheric up until the chorus part which has a hard rock edge to it especially the guitars. This is one of my favorites off this album. I think this is one of the finest epics in the neo-prog genre and has a classic feel to it.

“Pandora” (6:09) is the shortest track on the album. Instrumentation wise, it’s mostly acoustic. It’s quite an enjoyable song that has an epic feel to it. It reminds me a little of Pallas mixed with some moments from Fish-era Marillion.

“The Enemy Within” (12:13) is the other epic on the album that starts out very atmospheric. Primarily due to the keyboards. Then the music builds up while the rhythm section bringing up the volume. This is another classic sounding epic. Again there’s moments of Pallas, Fish-era Marillion and Andy Sears-era Twelfth Night.

“Children Of The Night” (8:33) ends off the album perfectly. It’s a hard rocking tune with cool keys that segues into something melodic. It’s primarily hard edged similar in ways to Alan Reed-era Pallas.

In closing, if you enjoy classic era neo-prog with a modern production, then look no further. About Time is highly recommended for fans of the aforementioned bands as well as good melodic progressive rock.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on November 30th, 2010


01. Between The Lines (8:47)
02. For Bumble (13:21)
03. Pandora (6:09)
04. The Enemy Within (12:13)
05. Children Of The Night (8:33)

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