Artist/ Band: Also Eden
Title: Differences As Light
Label: Self release
Year of Release: 2010
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The Review:

Also Eden’s entry in 2010 is an EP called Differences As Light, which is just under 25 minutes but has a full length feel to it. It also marks the debut of a new vocalist Rich Harding. He joins in with Ian Hodson (keyboards), Simon Rogers (guitars), Steve Dunn (bass) and Dave Roelofs (drums).

There are three songs on the EP, one of which is a three part mini epic. All three songs are solid from start to finish. They conjure up some classic prog bands like Twelfth Night, IQ, Galahad, Marillion, for starters. The lyrics are very thought provoking and remind me of Fish-era Marillion as well as Geoff Mann-era Twelfth Night.

The opening track, “Seeing Red” (8:27) is the rocker of the three yet never crossing the line into metal. The instrumentation is amazing here especially during the bombastic moments. I don’t know Rich’s past but he delivers some very theatrical vocals. One thing I noticed with Rich’s vocals is there’s a familiarity to them yet very original. It’s a very catchy song that I found myself on numerous occasions, hitting the replay button.

Next up is “Oud En Nieuw” (6:06), a more tranquil song with some reflective lyrics which is a look to the past as well as to the future. This track features acoustic guitar, soft piano and to make things unique, there’s an addition of violin.

Finally we have, “Reality Cheque” (10:20) where the lyrics are on par with anything produced by Fish or Geoff Mann. I know that could be a hyperbole statement but I’ll stand behind it! The song is a three-part suite or epic. The first part is called “Fool's Gold”. The second part is called “Dead Reckoning” which feature vocals that remind me of mixture of Fish and Geoff Mann. In the more aggressive vocal parts, it reminds me of Galahad’s last studio album, Empires Never Last. The final section, called “Rainbows End” changes the mood back to the beginning part, which slowly build to an amazing and memorable climax, ends with some spine chilling lyrics, “Check…Check…Check… Mate“. I’ll courageously say it belongs in the company of such classics as “The Creepshow” (Twelfth Night), “The Enemy Smacks” (IQ), and Grendel (Marillion).

After repeated listens, it leaves me wanting more. I think the best is yet to come. Once Rich recovers from his accident (more details can be found on the Also Eden website), I’m sure the band will dive right back in to create some future “classics”. If you’re a fan of Twelfth Night, Marillion, IQ and Galahad, as well as the previous albums of Also Eden, then this EP needs to be in your collection. Highly recommended, you betcha!

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on August 8th, 2010


01. Seeing Red
02. Oud En Neuw
03. Reality Cheque

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