Artist/ Band: The Tangent
Title: A Place On The Shelf
Label: Self release
Year of Release: 2009
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In 2009, The Tangent released "A Place On the Shelf" in limited supply and quickly went out of print. Andy Tillison, the brainchild of The Tangent decided to re-issue it in 2010 sans two tracks. Upon listening to this album, I can fairly say this is more than just your average album of extras. In fact this SHOULD have been made as a proper album. Of the songs listed on this edition of the album, I feel that "Le Massacre De Prentemps - L'Abhorration Du Terre part 1", “Live On Air” and "Le Massacre De Prentemps - L'Abhorration Du Terre part 2" would have been perfect end version. This is not saying “Everyman’s Forgotten Monday (fast mix)” and “I Wanna Be A Chick” are fantastic and should be placed after the proper album.

The vibe from the two part "Le Massacre De Prentemps - L'Abhorration Du Terre" (The Tangent’s own version of “The Rite Of Spring” by Igor Stravinsky) and “Live On Air”, all of reminds me of classic ELP mixed in with some Canterbury and adding some sporadic David Gilmour-esque guitar playing.

I feel this and Down And Out In Paris And London are companion pieces of the sorts. I’m really glad to have been able to hear the music because I would highly recommend those of us that missed out on the first pressing, to rejoice and get a copy of this reissue ASAP!

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on July 23rd, 2010


01. Le Massacre Du Printemps - L'Abhorration Du Terre part 1
02. Everymans Forgotten Monday - Fast Mix
03. I Wanna Be A Chick
04. Live On Air
05. Le Massacre Du Printemps - L'Abhorration Du Terre part 2

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