Artist/ Band: The Tangent
Title: A Place In The Queue
Label: InsideOut Music
Year of Release: 2006
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The Review:

They say ďthird timeís a charmĒ and that is so the case with The Tangentís latest studio album A Place In The Queue Up until this album, I didnít think the band could top their two studio albums but they did with flying colors I might add. Maybe itís the new line-up changes or that they gelled as a unit for this recording. One thing is for sure, this album is the pinnacle of the bandís short career and gives us a glimpse of whatís to come.

I will admit while I enjoyed. The Music That Died Alone and The World We Drive Through, there was always something missing to me. Another major thing is that bothered me was with Roine Stoltís presence. No offense to Roine and his fans (Iím a fan, mind you) but almost every thing he does has too much of The Flower Kings fingerprints all over it. I also think that The Tangent to Roine was a side band and his main focus was obviously elsewhere whereas this was Andy Tillison sole band.

Unlike the other two albums, the epics are presented as one unit rather than sections, which makes it easier to listen to on whole. Those epics, are the opening ďIn EarnestĒ and the closing title track. In between are various length songs ranging from the 3 minute mark to over 10 minutes. None, I repeat, are filler. I also noticed that the interplay between Roineís replacement, Krister Jonsson and Tillison seemed so natural as if they have been bandmates for decades.

My favorite of the album is the song ďLost In LondonĒ. To me itís storytelling at itís finest. Itís a basic and personal story but it keeps me listening to Andyís words as he sings them. Everything else on the album shines, in fact this is the only one of their albums I enjoy listening to each time from beginning to end. I even have hit the repeat feature a few times after the closing note of the album to relive the listening experience.

Other than Roineís replacement, the drummerís seat has changed as well. Another Flower Kings alumni Jaime Salazar has taken over. Again no offense toZoltan Csorsz but I think Jaime should have been the drummer from day one. Itís hard to describe but Jaimeís playing just fits the music so much better. The rest of the band remains the same as the previous album and with greater conviction.

This is undoubtably a highly recommended release for 2006 especially if you go for the Special Edition version. Personally, A Place In The Queue is destined to be an album that will mark the beginning of greater things to come for The Tangent.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on February 28th, 2006


1. In Earnest (20:03)
2. Lost In London (8:08)
3. DIY Surgery (2:16)
4. GPS Culture (10:07)
5. Follow Your Leaders (9:21)
6. The Sun In My Eyes (3:44)
7. A Place In The Queue (25:19)

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