Artist/ Band: The Tangent
Title: The World That We Drive Through
Label: InsideOut Music
Year of Release: 2004

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The Review:

The Tangent return with another release that in my opinion surpasses their debut. The World That We Drive Through is a fantastic release where the songs flow much easier than on their debut. The band, yes band seems more relaxed and the music flows so easily this time around. The Tangent is basically a hybrid of two bands, The Flower Kings and Parallel Or 90 Degrees. You can hear both styles of what made those two bands what they are today plus some newer sounds due to the collaborative efforts of the musicians.

Missing this time is David Jackson(VdGG) but he is replaced by Theo Travis (of Gong). I must admit Theo fits better with the band and I hope he becomes a permanent member. I loved the way the music was on the regular edition promo I received that I had to purchase the deluxe edition with the bonus track. The bonus track is where the band really experiments with a ambient style that will shock those that oppose The Tangentís style of prog.

The World That We Drive Through is really a must have for prog lovers longing for the classic days before the metallic crunches that frequent most new prog bands these days.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on October 19th, 2004


1. The Winning Game (11:10)
2. Skipping the Distance (8:57)
3. Photosynthesis (7:40)
4. The World That We Drive Through (13:00)
5. A Gap in the Night (18:20)

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