Artist/ Band: Spaced Out
Title: Live at the Crescendo Festival
Label: Unicorn Digital
Year of Release: 2007
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The Review:

Canadian heavy fusion band, Spaced Out latest release is a live recording, entitled 'Live at the Crescendo Festival'. It was recorded in France back in 2006 during their European tour in support of their amazing 'Unstable Matter' CD. Their music can be described as a perfect blend of progressive rock, complex fusion and even progressive metal. They are great in studio but even better in a live setting. They do a nice cross-section of material from their four studio albums. So I’d say this is a nice place to start to hear what they’re all about.

Now a trio, the band no longer has a full-time keyboardist, is comprised of Antoine Fafard (bass), Martin Maheux (drums), and Mark Tremblay (guitars). These guys put on an amazing live show as testament on this live album. I will say you must play this loud whether on headphones or on speakers. This is great modern instrumental fusion. There’s also a dvd of the show with more songs (there is a DVD of this performance as well). Both are an auto-buy for longtime fans of the band as well as heavy sounding fusion fans.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on December 8th, 2007


1. Seven The Seven (8:20)
2. A Freak Az (5:05)
3. Toxix (5:48)
4. Infinite Ammo (5:06)
5. New Breed (6:06)
6. The Fifth Dimension (5:45)
7. The Lost Train (6:47)
8. Unstable Matter (6:55)
9. Antimatter (5:32)
10. Blood Fall (5:50)
11. Furax (6:18)

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