Artist: Spaced Out
Title: Slow Gin
Label: Unicorn Records
Date: 2003


01. Introx [1:05]
02. Slow Gin [8:10]
03. Spaced In [6:50]
04. Minor Blast [6:06]
05. The Thing [5:36]
06. E.M.O. [5:29]
07. Bright Space [6:43]
08. Glassosphere - part III [2:41]
09. Blue Ron Pipe A.M. [4:25]
10. Blue Ron Pipe P.M. [3:28]

The Review:

Spaced Out's third cd, Slow Gin is a welcomed addition to any fusion fan's collection. Just add a modern power crunching guitar sound with some funky bass playing, tasty organ and spacey instrumentation and you get Spaced Out.

At first with their name, I though they'd be a space rock band ala Pink Floyd but I was pleasantly surprised when it was not.

This all instrumental collection is a feast for my ears. Some of the best playing I've heard in recent times. I had the luxury, through a friend, to hear their first two offerings. While they were good they lacked the power Slow Gin has.

This is the best 2003 has to offer to date! Go out and buy this CD, you won't regret it!

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on May 5th, 2003

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