Artist/ Band: Spaced Out
Title: Unstable Matter
Label: Unicorn Digital
Year of Release: 2006
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The Review:

Itís been 3 long years since the last album by Spaced Out, now as a trio they returned a vengeance with their heaviest and most powerful album to date.,Unstable Matter. The absence of keyboards doesnít lessen the compositions this time around, in fact I believe it allows the trio to expand their playing to fill the void.

After listening to Unstable Matter, I believe that bassist Antoine Fafard, drummer Martin Maheux and guitarist Mathieu Bouchard should be household names within the hard progressive fusion genre. The band continues itís Glassosphere with part IV. I also noticed the song lengths are shorter more concise. Iím sure this will leave room for any live improvs for those that need longer excursions.

With each release, Spaced out gets better and more refined than the previous effort thus always leaving their fans yearning for more. If youíre new to the band, you can check out their new page over at MySpace to hear the greatness that si Spaced Out, then start with Unstable Matter. Itís one of the best releases to come out in 2006 so far and on my recommended to get lists!

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on September 19th, 2006


1. Unstable Matter (6:46)
2. New Breed (5:58)
3. Art Attack pt 1 (3:15)
4. Art Attack pt 2 (5:51)
5. Event Horizon (2:13)
6. Big Crunch (7:52)
7. Antimatter (4:53)
8. Blood Fall (5:15)
8. Glassosphere IV (1:43)
9. Singularity (2:08)

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