Artist/ Band: Saga
Title: Trust
Label: InsideOut Music
Year of Release: 2006
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The Review:

Continuing where Network left off, Saga returns with Trust. This is their 16th studio album since 1978. The bandís has never really strayed from their original sound with few exceptions. With each album since 1999's Full Circle, the band has perfected the signature Saga sound by combining their earlier sound with a more modern punch. I believe they achieved this with Network and now with Trust.

In my opinion, there isnít a weak track on the album but my favorites are the opening track, Thatís As Far As Iíll Go and Ice In The Rain. Both are instant classics in my book. Saga is in itís best form ever with Trust if youíve enjoyed their last two album, especially Network, than picking this up this is a no brainer. This gets a high recommendation as well as a spot on my top favorites of 2006.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on May 30th, 2006


1.Thatís As Far As Iíll Go 4:36
2. Back To The Shadows 5:16 4. Time To Play 3:31
5. My Friend 3:19
6. Trust 5:44
7. Itís Your Life 4:10
8. Footsteps In The Hall 3:25
9. Ice In The Rain 5:01
10. You Were Right 4:05
11. On The Other Side 4:56

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